Moshi Monsters: Food Factory

Moshi Monsters: Create Deliciously 'Odd' Pizzas

The food factory in Moshi Monsters is a professional kitchen zone where you can make monstrously delicious pizzas and feed your little pet Moshling with. Moshlings are very cute, cool and collectible creatures for your Moshi Monsters to catch and are obtained in your garden by planting seeds.

Moshi Monsters: Food Factory: Create Tasty Monstrous Treats

Create Tasty Monstrous Treats

As well as the fun pizza game the Food Factory will soon feature the Bongo Colada drink area where you can create all sorts of weird drinks to give to your Moshlings.

You can click on the video to the right to take a look at the Food Factory for yourself.

Start Cooking Pizzas in Moshi Monsters Now!
Moshi Monsters: The Food Factory Visit the Food Factory in Moshi Monsters!

Food Factory Trailer

Launch Trailer


Moshi Monsters: Food Factory: Stir in the Goodness

Stir in the Goodness

Moshi Monsters: Food Factory: Hungry Moshling

Feed your hungry Moshlings

Moshi Monsters: Food Factory: Levelling up Your Moshling

Level them up

Moshi Monsters: Food Factory: Levelilng up Your Moshling With Stars

Levelling up your Moshling

Start Cooking Pizzas in Moshi Monsters Now!