Sara's Cooking Class Games

Sara Cooking Class Games Collection

Girls Go Games have always produced fun and popular browser and mobile cooking games so it is no wonder they now have an enviable collection of Sara cooking games which offer much more fun than many other sub standard cooking titles apart from possible high quality NDS game collections such as Cooking Mama. In Saras class you can learn everything from cooking Vegetable Frittata Rolls to Chocolate Pizza and there are always new games coming out.

All the games follow an easy tutorial basis where you learn to make a certain food from a recipe then you are given time challenges to do it professionally. Girls Go Games cover all sorts of foods through Sara and you end up cooking using many different kitchen utencils and rare ingredients you may not even know exist in real life. This means they are the perfect cooking games for young girls wanting to have come fun online or on their mobile phone!

Sara's Cooking Class: Berry Cheese Cake

If you like a little bit of Men at Work's Man Down Under playing whilst you play through an interactive recipe for a Berry Cheese Cake, then this game almost definitely is what you're looking for. As indicated by the name, the game involves assembling a Berry Cheese Cake from scratch, scoring points along the way with each section you manage to make according to the instructions.

As with all of the Sara's Cooking Class games, Berry Cheese Cake has easy-to-follow instructions in the form of on-screen icons that represent all of the items you'll need and which you will find spread around the kitchen. Use your mouse to collect the various items  and use them in accordance with the recipe. Once the cheesecake is assembled, you get a final score. It's a pretty lax scoring system of course as this is meant to be quite a light-hearted experience, targeted largely at a female audience and not in any way high-pressure or hectic like many of the Papa Louie games courtesy of the Papa Louie website. This shouldn't put you off the game however: if you look at the recipe section from the main menu, you'll be able to make your very own Berry Cheese Cake in your real-life kitchen.

Sara's Cooking Class: Baked Chicken

Not all cooking games have to be baking-based, and Sara's Baked Chicken Recipe is proof of this. Taking the same step-by-step, interactive recipe format as the rest of the Sara's cooking games, Sara's Cooking Class: Baked Chicken brings you a more savoury experience, taking you through the steps of the recipe by asking you to gather the ingredients from the virtual kitchen and assemble the different parts of the recipe, cook the chicken, and make sure that it is perfect in order to achieve maximum marks.

The speed of your assembling of the dish will earn you more points, so try and go as quickly as possible when preparing the chicken. Look on the main menu to discover the menu sheet for application to your actual kitchen, or simply play through the game and learn the recipe (including the cooking instructions and other particulars) from memory.

Sara's Cooking Class: Christmas Dinner

If you're a little fed up with all of the relatively ordinary recipes that are typical of the Sara's Cooking Class games, let Sara's Cooking Class: Christmas Dinner take the normality out of the experience. This is a festive version of the popular cook-through game in which you must prepare a whole Christmas Dinner. As you can imagine, this is a more complex recipe than most in the series, so those looking for a change from the usually simple dishes would do well to pay attention to this particular Christmas-themed treat.

The format and design is the same as it has always been with this series, but the food is nothing but festive and includes preparing various items individually. You must prepare and cook things such as the stuffing, turkey, green pea salad, twice-baked potatoes, and homemade cranberry sauce, making this one of the most complex yet most enjoyable recipe-based cooking games yet.