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Papa's Pizzeria - Sitting atop the world of restaurant-based time management games

Working for years in Mcdonalds in my youthful days hasn’t really instilled in me a glowing opinion of the Fast Food Rockers. Often, the size of the colleagues I was forced to work with was only surpassed by a majority of the grossly overweight customers eating themselves to near-future diagnoses of diabetes, heart disease, liver problems, and multiple-chin syndrome. On the other hand, however, is my insatiable love for pizza (I mean, it’s bread topped with meat, cheese and any ingredients which take your fancy: what’s not to like?) and my gradually-growing addiction to resource management games. Having already tried my hand at Papa’s Hotdoggeria and thoroughly enjoying the experience, I fancied having a go at spinning a bit of dough, sprinkling some toppings from an unnecessary height, and shouting “babada boopy” at the top of my lungs in a mildly-offensive display yet casual display of stereotype-solidifying behaviour.

Action Stations

Whilst many restaurant-simulators have you overseeing the production of food from purely a management point of view, Papa’s Pizzeria actually has you getting your fingers dirty and as animated as the stereotypical portrayal of Italian chefs in Family Guy lead me to believe they are. In a similar vein to the rest of the “Papa’s” series of games, you have the responsibility of overseeing the order from start to finish. The gameplay consists of taking orders at the order station, delicately applying toppings with multiple clicks and drags of the mouse at the topping station, smashing it into the oven at the baking station, and dividing the pizza into little slices of hand-made heaven at the cutting station.

Now, it isn’t as easy as simply constructing the order as you see fit. Just as there are difficult and picky customers in  real-life, Papa’s Pizzeria has its own array of fussy, annoying , and demanding customers that want their pizza and its toppings to be arranged in a variety of ways, with each order possessing slightly different criteria for you to correctly meet in order to score highly. On the topping station, for example, you cannot simply sprinkle the ingredients on as you wish since you get marked down for this. Even distribution of toppings is most favourable to your final score, as is the correct placement of them within the boundaries set by the customer. Even the cutting station requires a little skill, since you must draw lines from end to end in order to make the best cut you can possibly manage without taking all day about it. Indeed, Papa’s Pizzeria is satisfyingly comprehensive in its simulation of the restaurant environment through the sheer amount of control you have over each stage of the production process from beginning to end.

Mo’ Money

Of course, the game isn’t solely concerned with the creation of pizza at your own leisure: the “Papa’s” series of games have always centred around time and resource management, so you must ensure that all of the aspects of the order are prepared to the best standards and all in as little time as is possible if you are to receive any tips from the customers. You are able to top the pizzas and save them for baking at your discretion since when orders become numerous, you will find that the emphasis shifts from carefully topping your pizza to finding a spare few seconds and a space in the oven to bake them. Much of the game is spent carefully juggling the orders and making sure you manage your time as effectively as possible. There is even a predetermined roster of possible customers to be unlocked as you progress through the game, each with their own increasingly difficult orders and preferences.

A Cut above the Rest

Papa’s Pizzeria from Flipline Studios is a remarkably simple yet delightfully challenging game of resource management that also allows the player full control over the restaurant processes from start to finish. For this reason, the game stands out from many restaurant simulators such as Diner Dash and Miss Management. It would have been nice to see some provision for upgrades on which you can spend your tips as in Papa’s Hotdoggeria, but you can’t win them all!