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Papa's Pancakeria - Time-management fun with the flattest snacks on the planet

Where Every Day is Shrove Tuesday

Pancakes aren’t just for serving on one single day of the year known as ‘pancake day’; these stackable discs of culinary class are too good to be restricted in this way and I refuse to let the silly factors of tradition and the confines of a marked date on the Gregorian calendar dictate when I am allowed to apply heat to a delicate mixture of milk, egg, flour, and baking powder (for extra fluffiness) for my own culinary satisfaction. Pancakes are so good in fact, that they shouldn’t even be restricted to real life, which is why Flipline Studios has brought the love of pancakes into the flash world by making Papa Louie swerve his business exploits from the savoury to the sweet lane on the highway of flavour, resulting in perhaps the best incarnation of the “Papa’s” franchise to date. With a line of hungry customers amassing in your restaurant and an empty tip jar sitting on the counter, there’s nothing to do but serve and cook your way to pancake perfection. Ha! Pancake Day? More like Pancake YEAR, am I right? Papa Louie agrees, and that’s all I need.

(High) Standard Procedure

In true Papa Louie form, Papa’s Pancakeria has you in charge of the entire process of pancake making and serving. Full control is given to you in every aspect of managing the restaurant, from taking the customer’s orders, through to cooking and building the orders by hand, all the way through to purchasing upgrades and decorating the restaurant for customer satisfaction. Already, this game is ahead of pretty much every other restaurant-based game of time management out there

See you on the Flip Side

After taking the order from the waiting customer, you must construct the specified pancake creation by using the build and the topping station, cooking the pancake batter evenly on both sides by flipping at the correct moment, followed by assembling the order in the correct order in order to then create a perfect base for sprinkling the toppings specified by the customer. Your performance at each station is judged by the customer and tips are awarded to you based on your performance 

Additionata Pancakificata

With the format of the game remaining identical to all other “Papa’s” titles, it is in the small improvements that Papa’s Pancakeria flourishes. We now have a crosshair on the topping station for precise targeting of the toppings on the pancake, making it easier to evenly distribute them and gain a higher score. The working day now also finishes with one of a selection of mini-games that can be played in exchange for the tokens which come alongside the tips from customers. Fruit machine-type games and pinball-like games are among the offerings that allow you to win small quantities of money and the occasional upgrade item such as posters for the lobby area. The game also has more furniture and station upgrades than ever before such as hats to improve the customer waiting score, a bell to indicate the arrival of a customer, and a grill alarm to inform you when your pancakes need flipping or taking off the grill. There is now also an unlockable drinks station which allows you to expand your restaurant and therefore your capabilities of giving customers what they want. This is the most revolutionary addition to the Papa’s series of games yet, and it makes for an even more challenging experience.

King of (Pan)cakes

This instalment of the “Papa’s” series is most definitely the best yet since it offers more upgrades than ever before, some subtle changes to the gameplay, some mini games, and an unlockable drinks station to add to the challenge of the whole thing. It seems this title sits as one in what is undeniably a brilliant series of games from Flipline Studios that seem to be moving in one direction and one direction only: entertainment central.