Papa's Hot Doggeria Game

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Papa's Hot Doggeria - Putting the fun in the fast-food experience

Ding Fries are done

The concept of this whole hot dog hoo-ha is as simple as it has always been with the entire range of Papa’s ‘insert specific food-producing establishment here’ games: your responsibility is to cook, assemble and serve meals as close to perfection as can be achieved without making the customer tap their watch with unjustified impatience. Taking a customer’s order kicks the whole process into motion, after which you must move to the grill station to apply heat to the hot dog in order to promote it from its rawness to ‘safe-eating classification’ (I hear this is often simply called ‘cooking’). After grilling the hot dog as evenly as possible by flipping it roughly half way through its cooking process and dragging it towards its bun you move on to the assembly station where condiments can be lavishly applied according to the specifications of the all-important customer order, and finally the pop station where fizzy drinks and popcorn can be encouraged into their respective containment vessels (cups and bags if we’re going to be boring about it). Though the concept itself is as simple as the early stages of the game, things don’t remain that way for long.

Customer Satisfaction

Half of the challenge of the game of course lies in the even distribution of ingredients over/in the hot dog and also the balanced cooking of the meat, but where things really escalate into relative complexity (I mean, we are still just talking about fictional, flash-based fast food here) is when the customers begin piling through the doors in quick succession and the order slips start to occupy the grill stand like bunting at the Queen’s jubilee. This is where the time management aspect of the game takes over, requiring you to juggle the speedy completion of customers’ orders with the quality of the food you prepare in order to gain the highest marks for various aspects of your performance.

More than just Fast Food

 Papa’s Hot Doggeria also offers a variety of mini-games that can be won after the end of the working day, including some baseball-based action and some target-based shooting to wind down from the heat of the kitchen. Tips received from customers can also be used to purchase functional upgrades for the restaurant which vary in usefulness and effect from speeding up the popcorn and drinks dispensing to notification systems that tell you when customers enter or when your hot dogs are ripe for the flippin’.

Would you like an Apple Pie with That?

For a game based entirely around the preparation of fast food, Papa’s Hot Doggeria from Flipline Studios manages to surpass expectations by quite a long way. The time management aspect of the gameplay makes the whole thing exceedingly challenging and the mini games add a little diversity to the daily grind. The game is anything but shallow; it offers you the chance to improve your performance by purchasing upgrades to your equipment, and the difficulty is constantly fluctuating with the unpredictable volume and frequency of customers as well as the varying difficulty of pleasing them. While I could never be tempted to work in or around the Fast Food Rockers ever again, I’ll certainly be frequenting the fictional establishments of Papa Louie for quite some time.