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Papas's Freezeria - Cool down with some time-management action based around desserts

Who’s for Dessert?

In my vast culinary experience (mainly on the eating side of things), there’s only so much savoury food one can eat before the desire for dessert sets in. I think more accurately in the context of today’s review, I should say that there’s only so much flash-based savoury food one can prepare and serve in a fictional restaurant before boredom begins to creep in and dangerous thoughts such as ‘where can this game go next’ begin to materialise. Having covered a wide array of commonplace foodstuffs such as hotdogs, pizzas and the good old-fashioned artery-challenging burger, it seems the only way to go is further down the menu into the ‘desserts’ section, and that is exactly where Papa’s Freezeria gets its inspiration. Remaining steadfast in their desire to bring you restaurant-based time management fun, the “Papa’s” series has always been consistent in format and Papa’s Freezeria doesn’t dare claim to be an exception to this consistency, so put that burger down and put that delicious pizza in an appropriate storage container for later consumption; it’s time for pudding and ice-cream sundaes with customised toppings are all the rage these days.

Taking your Sweet Time

Having left the urban hustle and population-heavy bustle of the previous games behind, Papa’s new sugary business venture hauls ass to Calypso Island where there couldn’t possibly be a sudden influx of people travelling to the island via boat, could there? There most definitely could, meaning Papa has once again done his market research and has just so happened to yet again open up a restaurant where one is needed most, conveniently creating yet another entertainment opportunity for you as a player. Time management is still high on the agenda as you must take and make orders from customers of differing levels of pickiness, each wanting a unique dessert heavy in simple carbohydrates and fructose sugar: the speed and accuracy of your order determines the amount of money you receive in tips and goes on to unlock further types of customer and food items to satisfy their incessant desire for cream served at sub-zero temperatures. It’s all very simple, and it is in this simplicity that entertainment flourishes.

Mixology, Buildification and the Art of Topping

Having taken your order from the customer, you follow a pleasingly familiar format by moving through the various preparation stations of the order, build, mix, and top variety in order to whip up your desert into existence. A refreshing twist on the food preparation concept comes in to play at the build station whereby you must rely on your reactions to press the button when the swiftly-moving indicator is within the green section of the meter; this determines the quality of pouring that ensues. The mix station remains similar to the cooking stations from previous games where you simply begin mixing the sundae and wait for it to reach the level of ‘mixed’ specified by the customers. More familiar fun takes place at the topping station, where you must apply the correct toppings with your mouse in an even fashion before going on to present your order to the appropriate customer. Nothing here is revolutionary, but then again, it really doesn’t need to be.

Optional Extras

The game’s longevity comes from the inclusion of an array of customers of varying difficulty, with the ‘closer’ type of customer being particularly picky about their orders, putting them under heavier scrutiny and forcing you to be even more accurate with your food preparation skills. Upgrades also form a part of the reward system in which you can spend your tips to purchase various items which help in your venture such as blender boosters, automatic ice-cream pourers and various items of clothing and furniture to generally enhance the results that you get from the food that you produce.

Closing Time

Papa’s Freezeria is proof that Flipline Studios indeed know how to make a solid time management game that is as repeatedly playable as it is entertaining. The concept doesn’t change too much from game to game, but it is such an entertaining one that it doesn’t need to. The innovative new timed pouring method is a welcome change to a series of games that consistently continue to entertain.