Papa's Donuteria Game

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Papa’s Donuteria – Getting your just desserts

The perks of the job

You’re in Powder Point, a super awesome theme park, and you can’t wait to try out the new Sky Ninja rollercoaster ride. But just like most epic rides nowadays, whether you’re in Disney World or Alton Towers, tickets are stupidly expensive, especially if you’re a child or a student.

What are you going to do? How will you afford to go on this deadly ride? Well, it’s your lucky day. Papa Louie has a vacancy for a member of staff to work at his Donuteria, situated right inside Powder Point. Not only can you pick up good tips from the customers and go on the rides, you can get your hands on a Line-Jump Pass. Now, this is what you really want!

How much easier could it be? Get the job at the Donuteria and go on Sky Ninja all day long. Simple, eh? Well, sadly it doesn’t quite work out that way, but it does mean that you get to have some donut-flipping fun for hours on end…

Do’s and Do-nuts

First of all, pick your character. You can be Tony, Scooter (yes, another male character) or you can make a Custom Worker. It does seem a little bit sexist in that there is no default female character, but I would suggest that you create your own, whoever you are. You get to customise yourself in every way possible, from height to hair colour and even to the distance between your eyes – I know, is that really necessary? Anyway, it’s pretty cool - make a Donuteria worker who looks just like you!

Now, you begin donut training. You get a practice customer. Remember, there are four stations, or stages, involved in making a donut. Number one is the ‘Order Station’ - take the customer’s order. You don’t actually do this manually. The order is taken automatically and written down on an order slip. That part’s easy.

Now comes the ‘Dough Station’ - things get a little stickier here. It is your responsibility to get the orders right. And every little point must be correct. Remember, the customer comes first and the customer is always right. If they receive the wrong order, you won’t get a good tip.

Now I’ll give you a tip - concentrate! Making donuts isn’t as easy as pie. It’s not exactly a piece of cake. Choose the correct dough - regular or chocolate, or whatever the customer asks for, and then select the right cutter, whether it be for a ring donut or a hole one.

The penultimate stage: the ‘Fry Station’, where things really start to heat up. Be careful not to burn your sweet creations, because nobody wants a tough, chewy donut. Keep a close eye on the timer and flip meter to know when they’re perfectly cook – don’t worry, this will get easier later when you earn enough money to buy helpful tools like cooking alarms.

Finally, you reach the ‘Build Station’ which is probably the most fun, but also most fiddly, part of making the donuts. Again you must follow the requests of the customer, inject the donuts with fillings, decorate them with sprinkles and dunk them in glazes.

The neatness and speed at which you carry out this stage, and every other stage before, will determine the amount of tips you receive from your customers. You’ll need money to purchase shop upgrades, so it’s important to do the job properly. The whole procedure is identical of course to fellow Papas games such as the Pizzeria and the Freezeria, only with the specific food item and resulting mini-games differing.

Papa Knows Best

The controls are pretty simple, requiring just the mouse. The game can get quite fiddly though, involving lots of dragging and dropping and intricate applying of toppings to the donuts. The background music is catchy, at times sounding like ‘Blurred Lines’ and at others like a French bakery.

Overall, Papa’s Donuteria from Flipline Studios is a thoroughly enjoying time management game that starts off a little slowly but gets more challenging and exciting as you play on. Get a thrill from working hard, earning your own money and making customers happy with your delicious donuts, something you don't get the pleasure of doing in lesser flash-based cookery games such as Ramen Delight, which doesn't hold a candle to Papa's series of time-management classics.