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Papa's Burgeria - Please customers with your skills of time management and food construction

Papa and his series of pressure-filled, time-management creations are simply insatiable in their hunger to entertain and amuse us with the very specific genre of restaurant-based time-management resource-designation madness. Papa’s Pizzeria gave us a taste for the whole experience, allowing us control from start to finish of the pizza-making process, while Papa’s Hotdoggeria took it one step further and allowed us the same experience only with a selection of hotdog variables and the ability to spend our hard-earned tips on upgrades to enhance the whole experience. Does Papas Burgeria do Flipline Studios’ series of restaurant-based entertainment experiences justice? If past experience is anything to go by, then changing the particular food item that each game deals with has nothing but a positive effect on the entertainment factor, with each game bringing more joy than the last. Let’s insert a few details about the game into the mix to decide whether slapping meat between two pieces of bread can keep the “Papa’s” oven roaring at maximum ferocity.

Bun and Games                          

The usual procedure ensues when beginning the game: a cut-scene begins in which your character is given the chance to get their burger-building skills; a well-constructed tutorial allows you have an initial run-through of the game in order to promote the effective ’learn by doing’ method of breaking the player in to the experience; a highly-varied selection of customers present you with their order and you must construct their order with a balance of accuracy and speed in return for a rating that decides the size of your tip. It is quite clear that relatively little has changed aside from the new menu we are now cooking, but it remains remarkable that a series which offers such seemingly incremental changes between its games manages to remain so consistently entertaining.

Flip ‘em Up

The concept of the game is as simple as ever: you must follow the customer’s order across the various stages of cooking that take place at different order stations. The order station is where the order is taken, after which you move on to the grill station, with your responsibility here being to cook and flip the meat precisely to the customer’s specifications. After ensuring the meat is cooked correctly, you move on to the build station where construction of the burger takes place yet again to the very specific requirements set forth by the fussy customers. After being involved in the entirety of the food production process, you must present your food to the customer and wait with baited breath as you are judged on your performance at each of the stations. Simplicity is this game’s doubled-barrelled middle name (making it simplicity-straightforwardness), and the level of entertainment derived from it does not suffer as a result.

Career Progression

Whilst many feel that fast food doesn’t exactly rake in the cash, Papa’s Burgeria allows you to rack up the tips in order to purchase upgrades for your store. These upgrades help with your performance: posters help with customer waiting score while more functional upgrades facilitate the cooking process and make things considerably easier for you. Further variables are also introduced in the form of a roster of unique customers, each with their own orders and preferences; this feature increases the longevity of the game by a considerable degree, and you will find it difficult to stop yourself trying to master the specifications of each other their orders.

Burger is the New Pizza

Papas Burgeria is the most enjoyable game of Papa’s series to date. Its concept is simple as ever, the graphics continue to deliver a very distinctive style for a flash game, and the whole thing is comparatively faster in pace than Papa’s Pizzeria, with less stations and more emphasis on speed and accuracy as a result. The upgrades also make the game hugely fun to play while adding an addictive element that Papa’s Pizzeria doesn’t possess.