Papa's Burgeria 2 Game

Papa's Burgeria 2 Game has not yet been developed, but here are a few ideas of what we'd love to see in a sequel to the game. Until this game does spring into existence, why not play one of our Fast Food Games listed below the article.

A Possible Sequel Discussed...

Improving on Improvements

The gameplay in Papa’s Burgeria benefits greatly from the upgrades feature, allowing you to purchase helpful additions for the restaurant which improve the customer’s experience as well as your own performance in the heat of the kitchen. Papa’s Burgeria 2 would also benefit from such upgrades, only this time in a larger quantity and with more innovations in terms of kitchen gadgets. Sauce bottles are so fast food in 2010; why not have the option to purchase sauce guns or similar devices for more even distribution of the sauce? The turbo button in Papa’s Pancakeria was a good idea, so why not implement this in Papas Burgeria 2? To hell with safe cooking practices, this is a flash game where the already-existing burger timers jump in and out of the burgers of their own accord! Some more outlandish upgrades would be a welcome addition; how about installation of increasingly powerful/advanced grills, or even going back to basics and allowing for simple seasoning of the burger to improve the customer’s score?

Miniature Game, Maximum Fun

Papa’s Pancakeria features the integration of mini-games into the working day in order to break things up a little: this is a feature that would also greatly improve the experience should a Papa’s Burgeria 2 ever grace our browsers. Mini games could also have a tie-in with the main game, such as challenges where you must focus on evenly spreading toppings and sauces on to a moving surface. This way, the skills that you refine in the mini-games would have some carryover to the main game experience.

Tip Your Bartender

So what if we’re not actually bartenders? Fast food employees are essentially bartenders of the unhealthy savoury food world, and they deserve more!  I’m referring to the relatively large amount of time it takes to earn enough tips to purchase the more significant upgrades here: the time it takes to earn enough cash for the bigger prizes is simply too great for a game that is pretty much designed for the player wishing to dip in and out of the game during lunch breaks and moments of boredom. This means that casual players are unlikely to enjoy the benefit to the gameplay that the upgrades provide. The progression of the player through the ranks in Papa’s Burgeria 2 would be greatly enhanced if there were hefty bonuses from the off customer that is blown away by a perfectly-constructed burger.

Can’t Get the Staff

One aspect where every single one of the Papa’s games falls down flat is the momentum-sapping order station. The relatively fast-paced gameplay and momentum gained through the build/grill stations is where most of the fun in Papa’s Burgeria is derived from, and it annoyingly almost grinds to a standstill when taking a customer’s order. How about an option to have extra members of staff to take the orders? I know that the games are based on a long-running and successful formula, but perhaps this ‘order runner’ could be something that is unlocked after progressing so far in the game, or when weekly wages are sufficient enough to pay another member of staff. This would add some balance to a possible Papa’s Burgeria 2 and allow you to focus on food at the micro level as well as managing other staff in the restaurant, essentially giving you the full restaurant-management experience.