Kid vs Fast Food Game

Flabby Kid

Flabby Kid vs The Fast Food Corporation is a game in development for Fast Food Rockers and will feature you playing as a flabby kid who decides to take on a dominant global fast food corporation who have enslaved the worlds human population by forcing feeding them with their fast food and sugary snacks.

It get's worse, the same corporation is trying to wipe out all the fruit and vegetables in the world to ensure there is no alternative to their greasy food!

Free the Fruits & Vegetables & Save Humanity

As a small flabby kid who inflitrates the Fast Food Corporations Head Quarters you must take down the 3 evil bosses, evading their wicked minions along the way whilst freeing all the imprissoned fruits and vegetables.

3 Themed Departments to Survive

There will be 3 different departments in the game comprising many levels in each and an end stage boss. The departments are Candy, Fast Food and Fizzy Drinks and each will contain many different enemies and tricky obstacles to overcome.

The game is one of skill, puzzle and timing. You will need your wits about you if you are to take down this corrupt corporation. The 3 evil bosses won't go down without one hell of a fight so conserve your energy and be ready to go!