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Jessica's Bow Wow Bistro Game: Serving Customers


It is now time for Jessica to leave behind her own cafe and embark on another business venture.  She opens her own bistro this time and makes delicious and fresh biscuits for dogs only.  With some help from her faithful pooch companion, she gets up, and running…you should be prepared to get going too.  We feel that this game does not have anything unique to offer to this type of gaming genre, although it is still funny and you can easily get hooked on it.  The game starts off gently and you will just have to bake one recipe during the first ten levels; however, the pace picks up quite drastically afterwards, and you’ll have to get organised well-ahead of time so that you can achieve all your targets, especially if you want to get a top score. 


Colourful visuals in all the different levels.

Upgrade your bistro so that you can keep on top of all your customers’ demands.

Keep dog owners happy by feeding different types of breeds.

Bake some delicious dog treats.

What is expected?

The aim of the game is to provide doggy treats so that you can make plenty of money and also defeat your existing standard.  You cannot change the designs of any of your treats, which is a bit disappointing because we would have liked to have used our imagination more to make some amusing shaped biscuits ourselves.  Nonetheless, it is a real plus when the organization in the levels gets harder, and you have to follow certain instructions.   The challenge kicks in here because, or instance, certain machines are just capable of processing specific types of shapes or colours.  We made some errors in this level – we ended up trying to bake the wrong biscuits or attempted to decorate biscuits with the wrong frosting, which meant that we lost a lot of time.  In fact, we did get stuck a few times in the beginning and had to restart the level again because we had no other way out.  Having said that, we were able to get through all the levels that we played exceptionally easily once we got going, and earned quite a lot of Golden awards. 

Game Time

You will be allocated a set time period in every level which takes up almost a quarter of the time that has been allocated to you to complete any game level.  You must utilise this time wisely to bake all your goodies that you will serve to all your customers on that day.  You’ll have to prepare all the cake mixture, bake and frost all your goodies, and add some decorations if you need to. 

Baking Treats

You only prepare and serve specific treats every day, which we think certainly helps to reduce and control a bit of the havoc that can happen inside your kitchen.  Although, the majority of your customers order multiple treats;  therefore, you will have to bake a certain amount just so that you have sufficient stock to give out. 

You will serve your customers some other kinds of foods also, like burgers and ice cream as you progress through the game.  Ensure that you have all these foods ready so that you do not keep all your customers waiting for too long, otherwise they will start to get a bit irate. 

Serving Customers

You will end up serving a variety of different people, as well as dogs, of course, and you will come into contact with so many diverse personalities and characters. Some of your customers are much more patient and will tip you more compared others.  You can even earn a few bonuses that let you to do a few extra things – for example, move quicker, make your equipment to work a lot faster, or else you will be able to get to your peak when it comes to pleasing all your customers. 

Buying Upgrades

If you truly want to be successful in this game then you will have to purchase some upgrades.   These include upgrading your oven so that you can bake a lot quicker and upgrading your batter mixture so that you can make more biscuits.  There are other kinds of upgrades too such as hiring a helper, who will assist you to get through the game a lot faster.   You can even upgrade the way your bistro looks; this will give all your customers some more patience. 

We suggest that you focus on upgrading your equipment first because it normally takes your customers a fair amount of time before they start to lose their patience.  You will know which customer is getting restless because they display all the non-verbal gestures that real human beings do in the same situation, like raised eyebrows, raised hands and a bit of sweat coming off their faces.  All the actions look fantastic, you feel like your customers are sincere and you will genuinely want to please them. 

The Good Things

Similar to its forerunner, this game has got a remarkably well -polished artistic design as well as some sweet music.  All the handles that are in action run smoothly, the time it takes to load the game is fast, and the sound effects are gorgeous and they don’t sound annoying.   The other positive things about this game:

The graphics are colourful and vibrant.

There are plenty of upgrades.

The gameplay is quick-paced.

The Bad Things

Each restaurant looks identical.

All the levels tend to get a bit repetitive.

The thing that we found really annoying is the way that Jessica takes her payments.  She has to click on to each customer one at a time, rather than being able to check them all out in one go.  We would have liked to have seen this option in the game because it would have saved us so much time. 

Additional Features

Jessica gets accompanied by her own dog who also serves customers if she manages to obtain sufficient funds.  You can call upon your pet various times because all his energy comes from the payments that your customers make.  This particular feature really comes in handy when you have to bake extra treats that you have run out of.  We don’t like the fact that he does not serve all the different kinds of foods, or collate any of the money for you though.  Nevertheless, some of your other power ups will come in handy when you get fed up of your dog. 


The power-ups that you get in this game are: a button with a heart, which will stop all your customers from getting irate; a shoe button, which will give Jessica some extra speed; a button that you can use to fast forward, which will speed up all your kitchen tools; a button for food, which will refill all your tray of goodies; you won’t have to bake anything yourself, and finally, you will get a cash button, which will double all the cash that you collect.  Some of the power-ups have a time limitation like the serving dog; therefore, you will have to discover which one is the best to utilise and when is the best time to use it.  The most ideal times might differ from person to person. 

Using your power-ups is the best way forward because all the appliances and decorations do not really do a great deal for you when it comes to productivity. We swear by the biscuit mixer and highly recommend that you buy it.  The good thing is that the total amount of shapes that it can make increases every time you purchase one.

Two other entertaining features are poop and fleas. Here, you have hired an assistant to clean up because any obstacle that gets in your way stops a customer from emerging in that particular spot again; however, you don’t really need her. You will not need those particular spots for your customers, except if you’ve got OCD about how you play your game. The cash will roll in even when you just have two customer spots left towards the end of any level. We appreciate this thought and do like all the new features that we have mentioned here.  Jessica’s Bow Wow Bistro follows a story line; nevertheless, we think the developers should have been able to do a much better job of making the game a lot more stimulating, especially towards the ending. We really want to do something worthwhile for putting in all that time.

Final Verdict

Whilst Game Brains time management sequel to Jessica's Cup Cake Cafe has managed to get so many things correct, it does not seem to stand out a great deal or bring something different to the time management game genre. It is quite similar to so many other games that are available these days; the only difference is the actual location. You will get to play 50 levels as well as five bonus levels in total in order to finish the game and after some time they will all begin to feel exactly the same. All the diverse locations start to look and seem like all the locations in the previous game, plus you do not get many new targets that you have to perform. The total volume of biscuits that you sell is the only thing that has changed. Whilst all the recipes have been modified, they do not have any effect on anything other than the explanations.

On a more positive note, the game does help you to improve the way you manage your time and really does get you to think on your own two feet when you are under pressure.

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