Fatty Foods - The World's Greasiest Foods

Top Ten Greasiest Foods to Eat

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Not all foods are created equal. This is most especially true when it comes to what is and isn't good for you. Being one of the causes for obesity, greasy foods are definitely a guilty pleasure. So which food types reign supreme in terms of the grease factor? Read on as we list these diet-distracting temptations.

1. Bacon

fast food bacon

Bacon, the breakfast of champions. It surely tastes good with some eggs on the side. Although, it's hard not to associate them with kitchen towels soaking up fat drippings.

Depending on the type of cut and preparation, this breakfast guilty pleasure can flip flop from being tasty to just plain greasy. American Style bacon comes from pork belly, which gives it that distinctively oily property. That's not to say it isn't delicious or useful in curing hangovers, but it does deserve a spot in our top ten.

2. Fried Noodles

fast food fried noodles

Surprised? Well noodles all by their lonesome doesn't exactly fit in with the rest of our contenders, but add a tub of oil and a generous sprinkling of sodium and you've got yourself a champ. There are restaurants which serve fried noodles with all kinds of toppings and heaping portions, giving the soaked strips a full meal vibe. So what's the verdict? Eating a whole plate along with the fried chicken and shrimp that goes with it covers almost two whole days worth of fat, not to mention a whole lot of salt.

3. Fries, Cheesy Fries

fast food fries

A favorite side treat, fries are the usual culprits for weight gain that goes unnoticed. While potatoes are a good source for carbohydrates, these starchy goodies have a tendency to really soak up the oil. Add the fact that people usually munch through these mindlessly, dipping them with thick mayonnaise or gravy, sprinkle additional salt or even melt cheese on top and you have yourself a grease delivery system.

For the more health conscious, it is worth noting that fast food fries are one of the usual culprits when it comes to trans fat content. It's not bad to indulge every now and then but remember to be good to your arteries. Portion your fries on the side and cut down on the condiments.

4. Breaded Fish Fillet

fast food Breaded Fish Fillet

Another surprising greasy treat, fried fish fillet encrusted with an equally salty, oily shell is definitely a diet no-no. The damage? Considering the amount of oil that fast food breaded fish can soak, it has the potential to meet your daily saturated fat allotment twice over. If you are watching your waistline, and health, it's better to go for steamed or grilled fish.

5. Chicken Fingers

fast food Chicken Fingers

While we're at it, let's add chicken fingers into the mix. We're separating this from the rest of the fried offenders because of their role in kid-sized meals. With a chunk of cholesterol, high sodium content and saturated fats, a daily diet of this isn't exactly the best kiddie treat. The grease factor is off the charts, when considering the pint-sized clients these are marketed for.

With a few tweaks, this sinfully greasy snack is not a hopeless case. As it is with fries, it's important not to slather on additional, fatty condiments on top. Oven baked chicken fingers have the crunch and contains less the fat than its fried, fast food brethren.

6. Donuts

fast food Donuts

The stereotype treat for office workers, donuts are surely a greasy treat. If you were to get these sugary rings freshly fried, they would surely change the color of the paper bag which holds them. Depending on the flavor, a single donut can pack from 200 to 500 calories and enough sugar to keep your kids wide awake at bedtime. So keep the donuts as an occasional treat to prevent your kids from becoming butter balls from the grease.

7. Deep Dish Pizza

fast food Deep Dish Pizza

If you thought regular pizza was already a slick offender, think again. Deep dish pizza is the epitome of a grease bowl, with its denser crust that can trap more oil and fat than its slimmer counterpart. The thick base also has more room for a fatter layer of cheese, not to mention heaps of salty toppings which can really pack the extra sodium as well as more than a day's worth of saturated fat and calories. If you really have a craving for pizza, skip the deep dish and go for the flat bread variety. Your tummy will thank you.

8. Crispy Chicken Salad

Perhaps the most shocking of all, salad can also be considered a grease-laden meal. For the most part, the leafy greens are good for you. The thing is, there are varieties such as the crispy chicken variant which piles up the breaded chicken, shredded cheese, bacon bits, fried croutons and tops it all off with loads of gooey dressing. Like we said, not all foods are created equal and having greens around the crispy chicken salad certainly doesn't make it better than eating plain fatty, deep fried chicken fingers.

But all hope is not lost. If you really have a hankering for some chicken salad, lose the breading. Also, request the dressing to be served separately and pour it sparingly. It's not perfect but it helps.

9. Buttered Popcorn

fast food Buttered Popcorn

Want to fast track becoming a butterball? Regularly eat loads of buttered movie theater popcorn. Coconut oil, which is composed of give or take 91 percent saturated fats, is commonly used for these munchies. Add almost a whole stick of butter into the mix as well as any other salty artificial flavoring of your choice and you have got yourself a ticket to grease heaven.

Without the grease, popcorn is actually a diet-friendly snack. Just skip the butter and the oil altogether. Go for the air-popped variant whenever possible and forego the added artificial flavors.

10. Hamburger

fast food hamburger

If there is one, well-liked fast food meal that takes the cake in terms of greasiness, it is the friendly neighborhood burger. A burger is unique thanks to the various layers, working together to create a harmoniously delicious, greasy meal. No, just because it has lettuce doesn't mean it's good for you.

Depending on what its components are made of, the fat content can also stack up pretty quickly when it comes to these towering monstrosities. Take for example a triple layer of oil-soaked beef, topped off with three slices of processed cheese, a few strips of bacon, a handful of fries (yes, it is used as a topping too), mayonnaise and a warm, buttered bun. What makes the beef patties taste so delicious is that added layer of fat. We don't even need to go into detail why that's just asking for clogged arteries.

While it will be hard to totally avoid going over your daily ration of fat by eating burgers, go for the lesser evil. Going for 90% lean beef patties will shave a significant portion of grease from your favorite on-the-go meal. Ask for a dry bun to save about a hundred calories. And, while you're at it, trade in the fries for crisp, fresh veggies and swap the mayo for ketchup or mustard instead. It'll taste better sans the fat-induced craving.

So which greasy food reigns supreme on our list? The burger of course. While it varies depending on preparation, the good ol' burger is commonly topped with so many greasy components that we can't help but declare it the winner.