The Best Fast Food Rockers

Sara's Cooking Class Collection

Learn to cook pretty much anything you want quickly with Sara's Cooking Class Collection by Girls Go Games. Sara's collection includes scrumptious dishes such as a Gingerbread House, a Pineapple Cake and Chocolate Pizza! The games break down step by step how to cook each recipe making these games perfect for anyone wanting to learn the basics of cooking sweet and also savoury foods.

Jessicas Bow Wow Bistro

You get to help Jessica make a fresh line of top-quality biscuits for pets to cater for the dog clientele! Make delicious treats for a human’s best mate inside this entertaining and flexible time management game!

Papa's Donuteria

Flipline Studios and Papa Louie Studios bring you latest instalment in the ‘-eria’ series, which has seen scrumptious titles such as Papa’s Taco Mia and Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack. Start off as a newbie and make your way to the top, putting Krispy Kreme to shame and making your customers drool more than Homer over your decadently delicious donuts.

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Papa's Hot Doggeria

Papa’s Hot Doggeria takes the cooking games and food-construction process involved in the seemingly mundane happenings of a hotdog establishment and drenches them in flash, serving us a lovely bit of time-management entertainment at the fraction of a cost of an actual hotdog. It’s free, in fact, and guaranteed to be free of either intentional or accidental saliva*.

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Papa's Pancakeria

Get stuck in to what Papa Louie does best: create and serve hot food for customers! This time, the menu is awash with pancakes, and the customers just keep on coming! Mini-games and pancake fame await you, and don't forget to spend those tips wisely.

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Papa's Freezeria

Take a trip to Calypso Island where you will serve ice cream concoctions to variety of customers and earn tips for your trouble.

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Papa's Burgeria

Transcribe, cook, flip, and construct your customers' orders to perfection to earn tips and upgrade your restaurant in this game of time and resource management

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Papa's Pizzeria

Whipping up a pizza is usually a low-stakes affair, but what if your living depended on it? In Papa's Pizzeria, the stakes are raised since your tips depend on the quality and speed of your pizza making. If you can't take the heat, then turn the heat down and continue cooking.

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Papa's Burgeria 2

The success of Flipline Studios’ food-heavy and hunting time-management creations is undeniable. You only have to browse the website of Flipline Studios and see the sheer number of games in the Papa’s series to realise that they exist because popular demand requires them to.  By this stage in the series, Papa Louie’s salary must stretch across the length of his payslip to the tune of seven figures as he sits there twiddling his delightful moustache with one hand and attempting to wash off the filling from all the pies (both metaphorical and actual)  that his fingers are currently in. Sitting at the top of the pile in terms of my favourite savoury-centric title is Papa’s Burgeria, which is so damn good it now has now been rolled out on the mobile platform in a ‘To Go’ version that can be played on Android and iOS devices.  My desire for a direct sequel to this game is quite ferocious, since in my opinion it is the title in the “Papa’s” series that has the best pace to it, allowing you to get stuck in by cooking, stacking, and serving burgers to your (or more importantly, the customers’) liking.  As enjoyable as the Papa’s Bugeria experience is, there are some aspects of the game that could be improved, making any potential Papa’s Burgeria 2 a title that has the jump on its predecessor, and indeed the rest of the games in the series.

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Flabby Kid

Take on the fast food industry and it's corrupt bosses enslaving kids with high sugar, greasy fast food. The Fast Food Corp has taken over the entire worlds food production network and is pushing it's energy sapping, greasy, fatty and toxic foods on to kids and adults a like. 99% of the entire children's population has been enslaved to the company's produce creating a world of fatty, flabby zombies. However one kid decides to fightback and take the fight to the fast food corporation in an attempt to overthrow and smash it's monopoly on the food supply chain in the UK.